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We at are a group of passionate aquarium owners and are here to offer support and provide information on the establishment and running of all types of aquariums, including advice on which fish to buy and which accessories you will need to have the fish tank of your dreams.

We will provide you with all the information needed on plants, aquarium backgrounds and much, much more but most importantly you will get to learn from our experiences and not from our mistakes

How it All Started

Almost 20 years ago I discovered my passion for all things aquatic and decided to create my very own aquarium. I found a suitable container, having taken into consideration the space I had available.

I bought the fish after listening to a specialists recommendations, and managed to get hold of both sand and some natural plants (artificial plants were difficult to get hold of back then), I even made my own background from grapevine wood.

First Problems

Shortly after the aquarium became established, the fish started to die and I had no idea why. I started cleaning the tank more and more often, but still the fish continued dying.

I was desperate but had no one to seek advice from other than the personal at the pet shop, I felt completely alone in this new world that I was dealing with, as none of my friends were aquarium owners.

I started to talk with everyone I knew about my situation and applied all the advice I received but no changes occurred.

Then one day my luck changed, having gone to the pet shop to buy new fish (this had turned into a habit) I started up a conversation with some other fish lovers and heard the strangest thing ever:

"You must boil the sand/gravel several times before introducing them to the aquarium you should do the exact same thing with any type of wood that you might use as background. Such elements found in any natural environment can bring bacteria which whilst being non-damaging in nature, when brought into such a small place can spread and become harmful to the fish."

I went straight home and carried out this advice, and what do you know? It actually worked. Days and then weeks passed and no fish died. This was the answer to my questions all this time but I would have never guessed it. Nowhere had such a simple thing been written, on what was such an important matter.

What I was trying to say through my story is that this basic information has not always been available until now. Here at we will provide you with all the information you could possibly require. Recommends

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fluval aquariums

The new model SpyOrb it's a fresh addition to the biOrb family, and is setting a new standard for aquariums throughout the world. Available in white, black and silver, its cool design and mood lighting make it the must have aquarium for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and offices, earning 5 stars from the team at

This strong, crystal clear edition, has a capacity of 30L (8 US Gallons), and can easily be transformed in to a marine aquarium, with a special conversion kit, and a regular tropical heater.

SpyOrb Package Includes

  • Halogen light unit
  • Air pump
  • Air stone
  • Bubble tube
  • Filter
  • Ceramic media
  • Plug top 12 volt transformer
  • Water treatment
  • Fish food
  • Instruction

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