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Eheim GmbH & Co. KG is a German company founded by Gunther Eheim. This company manufactures different kinds of filters (internal and external). It produces filter media, pumps, accessories such as autofeeders and gravel cleaners and garden ponds.

Eheim filters are the best filters on the market. They have a very good reputation of reliability and quality. The Eheim Company produces all types of filters.

Internal and external Eheim filter

Internal filters are placed in the water, inside the aquarium. You should choose an internal filter: if you have a small aquarium ot the aquarium is not very accessible.

Types of internal filters:

 The Eheim aquaball is an internal filter with a moveable ball, has a shaped head with adjustable air take in. It is good for large aquariums, between 3.14 - 13.9 gals.

 The Eheim powerline - for aquariums over 7 gal.

 The Eheim pickup - compact internal filter for aquariums up to maximum 3.14 gal.

External filters are positioned outside the tank, and maintains contact with your inside environment through hoses that connect the outside with the inside. External filters work with a big variety of media filters. They can also work for a longer period of time without maintenance.

You should choose an external filter if:

 You want to have a good performance from different filter media.

 You want crystal clear water

 Cut down on water maintenance.

Types of external filters:

 The classic Eheim - is the original Eheim filter and it still works.

 The ecco pro filter  is an energy saving filter. It uses less electricity and has a high performance. For big aquariums

The professional line - external filters that are very high tech, and are electronically controlled.

 The Eheim professional - is the professional standard model, for aquariums up to 10 – 20 gal.

 The professional 2 - has many useful features such as: automatic self priming, adjustable throughflow, maintenance indicator, for 24 – 41 gal aquariums.

 The Eheim professional 3 - is used for aquariums up to 24, 41, and 83 gal. It has a special priming system.

 The Eheim professional 3е - is the new kid on the block. It has everything that your aquarium needs: electronic control for flow rate, wave effect, self checking system, and is good for aquariums up to 24, 31 or 48 gal.

If you are still not convinced watch this little movie.

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