Parrot fish

The Parrot fish is also known as the Red Parrot and considered to be the kings of monstrosities. They are usually sold under the name of Red Parrot or Bloody Parrots, these fish should not be mistaken with Cichlidaele Parrot (Hoplarchus species) or with Marine Parrot fish (Callyodon fassiatus species).

The real Parrot fish lives in the Amazon and has a predominantly olive-greenish colour. This is an extremely demanding species that only a few American fish specialists have managed to successfully reproduce. The Parrot Fish found in regular pet shops are unfortunately just deviations of this amazingly beautiful species, and these deviation are possibly the most controversial in the history of fish.

Their name comes not from their colourful looks but rather from their teeth, which are numerous, and are arranged on the outside of the jaw bones making them look like a parrot’s beak. Their teeth grow continuously which can make it difficult to curb the overgrowth when living in an aquarium. Parrot fish use their teeth to rasp algae from different rocks.

Normally Parrot fish are herbivorous but they also feed themselves with different types of organisms found in the coral reefs, which makes them perfect coral cleaners. This activity is highly important because it prevents algae from completely suffocate coral.

They grow in length to around 30 cm, but some have been known to grow to 40 cm size. The Bump Head Parrot fish has been known to grow up to100 cm in length.

Parrot fish use their pectoral fins as a means of locomotion unlike other fish they only use their tail fins when they need to speed up.

You can distinguish a male Parrot fish from a female by their colours. In most cases females display colours such as green, gray or brown, with the males have charming vivid colours.

There are however a certain species, the Mediterranean Parrotfish (Sparisoma Cretense), where the females present vivid colours, and the males are generally grey coloured.

Compared to other species these fish go through a phase as juveniles which is usually called the initial phase. During this phase their colours can change and would appear to determine their gender, but this is not always the case.

What is also interesting about these fish is that they function as a harem, meaning lots of female Parrot fish watching over one male fish, and a strange thing is that if anything should happen to the male fish a female one will take his place immediately by changing gender and adopting males specific colouration.

When it comes to reproducing Parrot fish simply drop their eggs into the water and leave them float freely until they find a place to settle.

Some countries consider eating Parrot fish a delicacy, not the United States of the America though, as it has recently been outlawed when it was discovered that the only way to save the coral reefs is by protecting the Parrot fish species and as much as possible in their natural environment.

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